Miles Stoia, Reporter

With the prices of eggs going up, is it worth getting chickens to make your own fresh eggs? At Vons, a dozen eggs costs $6.99. On the other hand, is the cost of having chickens less than just buying eggs?

You can buy a chicken coop for around $205 at A bag of chicken feed usually lasts a few weeks, and it costs anywhere from $14-$40. Bedding can be bought online at the price of $15-$50 and you can get water from any sink or hose. 

If you want to get cheap food and water containers, you will have to regularly check on the chickens to feed them as well as give them water. You could pay extra money to have things more automated or hold more food or water. Water and food feeders can range anywhere from $7-$100 each.

Chickens’ average cost per week in food, water, and bedding is around $30-$60, excluding the one-time prices of containers and the chicken coop. The one-time purchases cost around $219-$419. If you go through a dozen eggs a week and you get the cheapest stuff possible, you’re down $23.

Aside from the cost of chickens, there are other considerations to make if you are thinking of getting chickens. 

You would need to have plenty of open space for the chickens and you have to clean and move the chicken coop weekly. Note that if you live in a neighborhood, you most likely can’t have chickens, or at least not a rooster.

There is a problem that is common with chickens. Chickens are desired by many neighborhood predators such as snakes, raccoons, and especially cats. Cats will eat your little chickens to satisfy their hunger.

In my opinion chickens are not for everyone, but if you really want chickens and fresh eggs it is a good long-term investment.

Officer Leopard said, “If you want fresh eggs get chickens, but if you want money don’t get chickens”.