National Kindness Day: Lyric Rains – Profile


Emily Salvato, Broadcasting Editor

February 17 is National Kindness day and to celebrate National Kindness day The Forge interviewed Lyric Raines, a junior here at GMC. 

We asked her a few general questions about why she thinks being kind is important to her. 

For Lyric it is all about Jesus’ love and kindness for her and that it is important to just simply be kind to people. 

She wants you all to know that you are cared for and that there is someone who loves you. 

“Asking someone if they are genuinely ok, ”  in Lyric’s book is one way of being kind to someone. 

Lyric shows kindness to others because she loves them, and because Jesus has shown her love. 

It definitely makes a difference if you are nice to someone, it will improve your mood and give you a positive outlook on life. 

Lyric says, “Be nice even if you are not having a good day. Sometimes it shows you how much you love them.” 

Little things matter and can make a difference, so this year on national kindness day be kind to someone and make their day!