Ava Singh Dance Profile

Alex Fowler, Sports Editor

Ava Singh (12) has had a passion for dancing since she was 3 years old. It all started with a tutu her parents gave her and it was history from there. After her parents saw how in love she was with her tutu, they decided to sign her up for dance classes. 

Singh believes this early experience with dance changed her life. “When growing up, I wanted to be a doctor, that’s what my parents and I always saw me doing,” Singh said. “But sometime around last year, I realized that dancing has shown me how creative I can be and, although, I won’t continue dancing when I’m older, in some way shape or form I know I want to pursue something creative in life.” 

Singh shared a great message about the hardest aspect of dancing: “The mental aspect of it all is the hardest. Obviously being physically hurt is terrible, but being hurt mentally is the worst.” She also said that “[u]nlike real physical pain, you can take medicine to fix it, but when you’re mentally hurt, you can’t always do that.” 

Despite how mentally and physically draining dance can be, Singh says that work ethic is one of the most important aspects she’s learned from the experience. “I think worth ethic is a big thing I’ve learned,” Singh stated. “Throughout the years, I can say I’ve done so many things that kids my age have not done, like performing at the Peace Center. Because of dance I have been open to so many new opportunities.” 

While Singh is not wanting to continue her dance career and move on professionally, she does have many positive memories from dance. “Backstage memories are always the best,” Singh said. “There’s this unbreakable bond that brings all the girls together, it’s a sort of team building and everything we run into we all figure it out together.”

“Anytime anything funny happens, it’s always while backstage.”