GMC’s Favorite Pecan Pie Dishes


Harper Tonnesen, Reporter

In celebration of April being national pecan month, I interviewed GMC students about their favorite pecan dessert.


This holiday was established in 1966 by the National Pecan Shellers Association to recognize and honor the workers behind the cultivation of pecans in America. 


Pecan pie was GMC’s favorite pecan dish. Pecan pie is a classic dessert that almost everyone has had or knows of. Most GMC students reported they most often had this dessert at holiday parties or gatherings. 


The second most popular dish among GMC students are other, more random, pecan desserts, like pecan cookies, cakes, or pecan pie bars.


Lastly, the least popular, but often mentioned by GMC students, was candied pecans. Whether they are in brownies, on ice cream, or salads, they made the favorites list!