Prom Dress Trends Over The Years


Harper Tonnesen, Reporter

Over the years prom dresses have had many ups and downs. Short, long, strapless, sparkly, you name it!

In celebration of GMC’s upcoming prom, it is important to go back in time and highlight some of the popular prom dress trends from the early 2000s. 

From 1998-1999, the crop-top prom dress was a big deal. The trend was new and exciting but quickly burnt out and came back around in 2016. The dress top was more t-shirt-looking and showed off the midriff. 

2000-2001 brought us the one-strap dress. Sporty and bedazzled necklines were important too. 

2002-2005 were the years of halter-tops. This trend clearly stuck for a while. Although the color trends changed from purples and blues to reds and magentas in the later years, the halters stayed around!

2006-2007 is when prom dresses became experimental and a bit plainer. Bubble skirts and cupcake-shaped skirts were introduced, but colors like cream, black, and gray were worn the most.

2008-2011 were the years of strapless and bedazzled tops with a more basic skirt. Higher tones colors like neons and bright shades were in. Later on, the skirt style changed and became shorter in the front and longer in the back. But the strapless trend stayed!