The Smartwater Dilemma

Is Smartwater as ethically sound as they claim to be?

Caroline Furr

Smartwater is currently one of the more popular water brands, though, with its hefty price tag and average flavor, many questions if it is truly worth their purchase.


According to Erica Andrews, experts have been unable to find a significant difference between bottled water and tap, at least, not one that explains why it is nearly three hundred times more expensive than tap water.


However, SmartWater claims that removing impurities from water, balanced PH levels, and added electrolytes are worth the cost. 


This seems reasonable at first glance, but Erica claims that both of these supposed ‘benefits’ do not change the taste of the water or how healthy it is.


All of the ‘healthy minerals’ in Smart Water are removed through the distillation process.


This may seem harmless since the quality of the water is not actively changing for the better or the worse. Still, when you factor in the environmental impact of this unnecessary process, it starts to seem less than humane.


You see, this ‘filtration process’ utilizes machines unnecessarily, which uses energy that could be used for more necessary procedures.


It becomes apparent that not only is Smart Water scamming the average person, but that it is allowing nature to pay the price for it.


It is still up to the individual to decide what brand to purchase.


I am going to be drinking tap water from now on.