6 Benefits Of Traveling

What are the benefits of traveling?


Ansa Thomas

Mountains in Colorado

Ansa Thomas, Opinions Editor

8 years ago my dad ask if we would rather travel the world or stay home every summer to things like baseball or swim team. After I threw a fit about leaving my friends we made a plan…by the time my sister graduated we would have been to all the states and maybe some countries if we were lucky. 

My sister graduated in 2019 and by that time we had been to 47 states and 3 countries. Now in 2021, we have been to 48 states. So what are exactly the benefits of traveling? 

Travel Exposes You to New Things

When traveling I have learned so much about other people and their cultures what makes other people special. That is one great thing about traveling it exposes you to new things and different cultures, it gives you a new perspective on the world.

Gets You Real-life Education

Traveling broadens your horizon it lets you see and experience new things. Depending on where you go you can learn so much about that one place and how they are so different from where you come from or where you have been. Traveling opens your eyes to new encounters and it is so beneficial.

Travel Makes You Physically Healthier

Depending on where you go you are most likely to be doing some form of exercise. You can find a unique hiking trail or walk around the city. There are so many different places to go. So many walking trials to see, there is so much to explore.

Improves Social and Communication Skills

When traveling you may face many challenges and language barriers, body language and so many other communication barriers. When you travel you gain these skills to talk to people and interact with people that you may not understand. 

Enhances Your Tolerance for Uncertainty

When traveling there are so many things that are uncertain so many things that can get taken for granted but traveling helps you let go and live a little on the wild side it helps you be spontaneous.

Creates Memories for Lifetime

Lastly, these are times that you are going to rember for the rest of your life. The people you hang out with the food you eat the culture that you get to experience these are things that you will never forget these are life-changing experiences these are stories that will never get old these are memories that will never die.

The Benefits Of  Traveling