10 things you should have in your backpack

Ansa Thomas, Opinions Editor

There are many things that you should have in your backpack like books and homework and gifts for your teachers(wink wink) but what are the things that you need to bring but don’t?

  1. Computer charger/ phone charger

With the world heading to technology more and more, we are using our computers every day in school which leads to then running out of battery.

Another thing is phones, not every teacher is like Mrs. Rouse and has a phone charger in her classroom for her student so it is advised to bring one of your own.

      2. Food

If you have every talk to a high school student and ask them how they are doing they will probably say one of these things, “I am tired” or “I am hunger” sometimes it is both.

If you can’t wait till lunch the 

     3. Mints/Gum

If you are not asking for gum you are giving it. As a student is easier to focus if you are chewing on gum.

And if you don’t like gum it is always nice to have it on hand to give to your friends.

    4. Headphones

Sometimes when you do independent work in class like after a test when you have to watch a video but you don’t want to interrupt the rest of the class headphones come in real handy.

Or when you have a sub and you’re not allowed to talk but you lost your air pods or left them in the bathroom and you are not allowed to go get them it is helpful to have some wire headphones in your backpack.

    5. Chapstick

With all this cold weather your lips are going to get chapped so it is good to have chapstick on hand to keep your lips moisturized.

So make sure that you have chapstick in your bag or two but I would say that you don’t need more than five. Now if you know someone who carries more than five chapsticks I would talk to them that seems to be a problem.

    6. Pencil/pen

Yes, this one is obvious but there is always at least one day when you forget your pencil pouch.

Or your friends forget their’s and ask you for one and then they never give it back, let’s be honest we all have one of those friends, and if you don’t it’s you…sorry

So it is always helpful to keep a few lose pencils in your backpack for you and then some pencils you don’t care about for that friend;)

    7. Water bottle

This one is important because hydration is very important. Yes if you drink too much then you have to go to the bathroom but it is better to be hydrated than having to ask your teacher to go to the bathroom.

And if your teacher does not let you go to the bathroom then we have an article you and give them to read will you are in the bathroom. The Regulation on Urination by Byleigh Weber.

   8. Money

This one goes along with food if you forgot to order your food online or didn’t bring it then you can bring some money and go get snacks in the lunchroom.

If you forgot to pack your dress-down money then it is good to have some cash in your backpack or if your friends forgot yours.

Lastly, if your friends forgot their money or to order food online or did not BRING THERE WATER BOTTLE then you can give them money to go get a drink out of the vending machine.

     9. Tissues

You know when it gets so cold in the classroom that your nose begins to run and you don’t want to wipe it on your sleeve because of germs.

It is always good to have tissues on hand for those days and you know allergies are there too so needless to say that just keep some on hand.

    10. Jacket/umbrella

Let’s be honest it is cold at this school and if you are not the person to bring a blanket it is good to keep an extra jacket in your backpack so that you don’t get too cold.

If you are going to bring an extra jacket you may want to bring a rain jacket because sometimes you forget to check the weather it is good to just have one on hand.

And if you are just weird and don’t get cold you can bring an umbrella so you don’t have to stand in rain and get your books soaked just because your mom is late to pick you up.

There are a lot more things that you should bring that you don’t and these are just a few, let us know if there is something that you think is important to bring to school that is not school-related.