Top 5 Holidays in March


Bayleigh Weber, Freshman writer

When you think of holidays in March, you probably think of St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s is okay, but there are much cooler holidays in March.  Here are the top 5. 


No.5- Cinco de Marcho (March 5) 

On the 5th of March, people celebrate by drinking enough alcohol to prepare their livers for St Patrick’s Day. Basically, Cinco de Marcho is a creative way for Americans to drink excessive alcohol, and I think that’s cool. Sure, you could become a borderline alcoholic on your own, but why not make it an unofficial holiday first? 


No.4- Chocolate-Covered Raisins Day (March 24) 

I think this holiday is really inspirational. Think of the person who loved chocolate-covered raisins so much that they made a holiday for it. I hope to find something I love that much one day. 


No 3.- I Want You to be Happy Day (March 3) 

On March 3, you’re supposed to celebrate by putting aside your own selfish thoughts to make someone else happy. Personally, I think that making a holiday all about being a decent person allows me to be a terrible person every other day of the year. 

“Stop stealing candy from the baby.” 

“Why, it’s not March 3?” 


No. 2- Awkward Moment’s Day (March 18)

Consequently, this holiday falls after St. Patrick’s Day. So, you celebrate St. Patrick’s by getting trashed and then celebrate the day after by reminiscing in the embarrassment of getting trashed. 


No.1- Waffle Day (March 25) 

Holidays should be about something you love. What could anyone love more than waffles? Nothing. Nothing beats waffles. 


Dishonorable mention

I covered the holidays that I liked, but there are some holidays in March that should never be celebrated. The worst of these bad holidays is Dentist’s Day, which happens on March 6. As previously mentioned, holidays should be about something you love, and no one loves the dentist. If you do love the dentist, stop reading this and find help.