GMC’s New Robot Friend

Mrs. Kirkland’s Computer Classes Gain A New Learning Asset


Mrs. Kirkland’s robot when it was working

Arden Montjoy, Features Editor

GMC has gained another fresh face in the student body, but not one you might traditionally think.

GMC is now home to a classroom learning robot. Through the use of grant money, Mrs. Kirkland was able to purchase a new Promobot

Mrs. Kirkland chose to purchase the robot to allow for her students to become proficient in javascript, a type of computer coding. 

“Eventually, we want to download a map of the school so the robot will be able to give tours of the school without running into walls.” said Mrs. Kirkland when asked about the uses and functions of the robot. 

Some of the robot’s abilities also include giving high fives, making facial expressions in response to verbal commands, recognizing faces, etc. 

The robot has the capability to be programmed virtually infinitely, which allows for years of learning and discovery.

The programming for the robot was written by Mrs. Kirkland herself; it is designed for classroom learning. 

It is, by design, very friendly, so if you see the robot in the halls, say hello. Once coded into the system, the robot will respond to various verbal cues. 

It is truly exciting to see GMC step into discovery with its inclusion of robotics in the classroom!