NFL star Cam Newton Cut from the patriots; New England places the future in Mac Jones.


Liam Kemp, Sports Editor

Although the 2021-2022 NFL season has yet to start, the New England Patriots seem to already have had their first kick-off of the season with the release of Cam Newton off the Roaster. This move comes after a 7-9 season win-loss record for a team who were just a few seasons removed from being a major Championship contender almost every year. Newton faced plenty of challenges in his one year in New England that lead to him underperforming and not living up to his full MVP callable abilities.
New England certainly did not have an easy time traversing the world of Covid-19 last season, with one of the biggest showings of that being Newton contracting the virus himself. This lead to a postponement of a game against the Kansas City Chiefs, resulting in Newton not being able to build up team chemistry early on in the season after only just signing there that off-season. This, combined with having a hard time learning the playbook after not being able to attend practices due to his contraction of the virus, lead to a season filled with pitfalls. Not being able to fill the extremely large shoes left by Tom Brady, fans started to question if Cam Newton was a solid figure to lead the team into the future. However, that is where Mat Gates comes in.
The Patriots seemed to have placed the future of the team in the brand new quarterback drafted just this off-season, Mac Jones. Originally, Bill Belichick, the coach for the Patriots, was firm in the position that both Jones and Newton would share the position of quarterback. This seemed to change, however, as Jones had a large showing in the preseason, where he completed 36 out of 52 passes for 388 yards in addition to a touchdown. The Patriots were “enamored by his awareness” plus his “steady improvement and command of the offense,” according to the New York Times.
A combination of a bad season and making room for a potential superstar in the league are two of the main reasons for cam newton not being on the team roster for the 2021-22 season. There is talk of him signing to teams such as the New York Jets or Dallas Cowboys as backup quarterbacks, but the truth is there seems to be no concrete future for a player who had just won the MVP 6 years ago. That being said, there still seems to be room for Newton to shed a new light on his career and start a comeback, but regarding whether or not he will actually do that, no one honestly knows.