SeaWorld & Animal Abuse

This is wrong!

Lucy Smith, Reporter

SeaWorld has been envisioned as a fun, exciting tourist location for families, but there is lots of abuse happening behind the closed curtains.
In 1983, twelve dolphins were obtained from the waters of Chile and were put into SeaWorld’s shows. Half of them died within six months of living at SeaWorld.
In 2011, SeaWorld took ten penguin babies from their mothers, and in 2015, they shipped penguins in boxes with UPS.
At one year, orca, Kasatka was forced to live in SeaWorld in a tank for forty years. She was forced to perform eight shows a day, was used for breeding, and then they would take her babies away.
One of Kasatka’s mates was Kotar. While living in SeaWorld, a pool gate was closed on his head, fracturing his skull.
An orca, Takara was allowed to bond with her baby Kyara when she was born in SeaWorld. At three months old, Kyara was found deceased at the bottom of her tank; she never got to swim in the ocean.
Orca skin is constantly found in the bottoms of tanks as the orcas turn hostile after being in such small living quarters.
This is just a fraction of the abuse these innocent animals go through at SeaWorld, and there is still much more unknown abuse going on behind the scenes.