Valentine’s Day Trail-Mix

Lucy Smith, Reporter

I think trail mix is the perfect snack because it’s multiple snacks combined! The perfect trail mix perfectly balances sweet and salty, and with so many crazy, different Valentine’s Day snacks, I think there should be a Valentine’s Day trail mix. Here’s what I would put in.
First of all, conversation hearts are a MUST. Not only are they a sweet, long-lasting(ish) treat, but they stir up a conversation with a significant other, or at a GALentine’s Day party.
Next, the Valentine Day’s themed M&M’s. They have to be the peanut variety though. There’s got to be some sort of tree-nut in any and all trail mixes (unless you’re allergic to tree-nut or peanuts, of course).
Throw in a few (or a lot) of Fun-Dip. You can put the whole baggie in, or you can sprinkle it onto the rest of the mix like a seasoning.
This one is pretty obvious, but Hershey Kisses. It’s Valentine’s Day! Whether you are single or in a relationship, you deserve a kiss, even if it’s only the candy.
I didn’t know this existed and that’s why I think this candy is perfect. Raspberry-flavored Kit-Kats are a great surprise. You might think you’re getting a regular old Kit-Kat, but you’ll get a fun surprise instead!
Put in some heart-shaped lollipops for a long-lasting treat in hopes you’ll get a long-lasting relationship this Valentine’s Day.
This one isn’t candy, this is a RULE. When I say do not, I mean DO NOT buy the bag of mixed candies. You will ruin your trail mix because the mixed bag is BORING.
Instead of sticking to your old, boring traditions of just regular candy, mix it up this year (literally)!