Valentine’s Day

Madi Wilkerson, Reporter

Valentine’s day has always been a sweet holiday in my opinion, but there are many ups and downs about it.
Firstly, Valentine’s is a way for companies, such as card and candy companies, to get revenue. Not only is Valentine’s a help for companies, but it could also be a downfall in relationships. Showing affection to your significant other shouldn’t be a once-a-year thing, but an everyday thing.
Another reason Valentine’s Day isn’t the best holiday to celebrate is because some people expect the biggest gift/date ever, when some only want some flowers. It all depends on who you are asking to be your Valentine and if you know how they were raised and their love language.
If you know that your significant other’s love language is words of affirmation, then a big gift wouldn’t be what would make them feel most loved, even though, depending on the person, they would still appreciate it. You just have to know who your Valentine is and what makes them feel the most appreciated.
A good part of Valentine’s Day is getting to know your partner more. Valentine’s is not only about your partner though, you can also send letters of love to family and friends, and even people you just admire.
It’s a sweet holiday and as long as you know your partner, then you should have a good one. And remember, love is forever, not something you should only show on the 14th of February.