Random Wii Games in My Basement

Lucy Smith, Reporter

Ah, the nostalgia of music and the terrible quality of Wii games. Like most 2000’s kids, the Wii was a huge part of my childhood, but what games created such nostalgia?
Just Dance Kids had me sweating but the music was so GOOD. I also remember how much I wanted to dress up like the kids dancing.
LEGO Star Wars was a love-hate relationship. It was fun, but I would always be very confused, and my sister and I would start many fights over the pod-racing level. Sometimes I’ll go back and play it and it’s still very hard, but was very entertaining too.
Epic Mickey gave me nightmares. The plot of Mickey being taken into a dark world by a big black blob scared the crap out of me and made me cry on multiple occasions. I despise this game. That’s it.
Mario Party 8 was the absolute family favorite. I remember staying up late with my family to finish DK’s Treetop Temple and getting arm cramps from the minigames where you would have to move your controller in awkward positions to win. Also, the soundtrack went HARD. Love this one.
I don’t know if this should be considered a game, but I love Wii Zumba just for the music. The music makes me euphoric just sitting down and listening to it. The workouts made me thirsty and really tired though, so I have mixed feelings.
I hope you also knew some of these games and loved–or hated them!