Emily Salvato, Reporter

Has your grandma ever told stories about her being the homecoming queen, that beautiful dress she wore that night, and all the crazy stuff she did at the dance?
Do you ever ask yourself why we don’t have a homecoming?
We don’t have homecoming because GMC doesn’t have a football team, but whoever said that we need a football team to have homecoming!
We can do homecoming with any of our amazing sports at GMC or all of our sports teams. Since we just built a new gym, let’s put it to good use.
Having a homecoming is having our teams fight against our rivals and trying to beat them in every way possible. Then partying as hard as we can once we win.
When our parents were in high school, they had a plethora of events to raise as much money as they could to beat their rival high school.
And when it came to game night, they were pumped to see their school’s team get the win, so why can’t we have that?
Homecoming is so much more than football it’s about bringing the school together to make high school fun. School isn’t just about learning; it’s about creating fun and exciting memories with friends and family.
With your help GMC let’s try to make some new memories that we can pass on and encourage the next generation.