10 ways to organize your life

Ansa Thomas, Opinions Editor

1. Be able to say no
Being able to say no is something that you should apply to all aspects of your life.
When you can’t say no, people will constantly ask for things because they know you will say yes.
Learning to say no is essential because you will have time for yourself and the things you want to do.
2. Spend less time on your phone
When you stop looking at all the things going on in the world, you will find it more relaxing because there are so many stressful things out there.
Putting your phone down will help you focus on things in your life and will help you get your homework assignment done on time.
3. Keep Only What You Need
If you get rid of things you don’t need or have grown out of, you will find more space in your room/house.
Having a cluttered room can cause stress and procrastination. It also can make you late to events because you can’t find anything.
Also, when your mom tells you to clean, it won’t take you a long time because you only have what you need.
4. Declutter Regularly
If you constantly keep everything you are given/buy, you will find it hard to live.
Having a messy room does not help anyone. If your room is a mess most likely so is your mind having a cleanroom keeps you in order and living so much smoother.
5. Give Everything a Home
When your things have a place where they belong, it is easier to clean because you know exactly where it needs to go.
If your possessions don’t have a place, it makes for a hard time when you have to clean because you don’t know where anything goes.
And when you are looking for something, you know exactly where to find it.
6. Colorer code things
In your planner or on a calendar, if you colorer code, you can see what you need to do and how much of it you have to do.
You only have to look at it real quick when you color code to see what is going on this week.
Test can be in big letters in whatever color you want, so when you look at your planner or calendar, you can see that you have test on Tuesday.
7. Make Schedules and Deadlines
When you have something to do, make a deadline. When you have a time scheduled when your project is due, you are more likely to get it done and not procrastinate.
Next, if you make a schedule for when you are going to work on it, you will have time blocked off for just that thing, so you will do it and not have to cram it in at some awkward time or stay up late finishing it.
8. Don’t Procrastinate
It sounds so easy to do but is challenging.
When you have something to do like homework when you get home, put your phone somewhere you can’t see it and put it on silent so that you will not hear the notifications.
And turn off the notifications on your computer or whatever device you are using so that when you are doing your work, you will not be distracted.
Take breaks, work for an hour, then take 15 minutes to check up on what is going on.
However, set a timer so you will not get distracted and be on your phone for long periods. If you can not put your phone away after 15 minutes, have an accountability partner who will tell you to put your phone away and get back to work.
9. Stay Away from Bargains
Bargains are hard to stay away from, but when you are thinking about getting something, think about whether I need it, whether I have room for it, whether it is valuable, and if I can pay for it.
If you say no to one of those things, don’t buy it.
Most of the time, we buy things because we want them, but we don’t need them.
So if you can’t say no, stay away from bargains altogether.
10. Family and Relationships
Having time to spend with your family and friends is essential. These are the relationships you will have for the rest of your life, so building that bond now is necessary.
When you have a hard time, these are the people who will help you.
So spending time with them is essential to you and them.
You don’t have to do all these things today but work up to doing all of them. I hope this helps you get your life together for the new year.