Most Popular Christmas Foods

Lucy Smith, Reporter

When you think of Christmas, you probably think of Santa Claus, a bright, shiny Christmas tree, movies like Home Alone, and the yummy food! Here are some of the most popular Christmas foods!
You might not guess it, but roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes are highly consumed on Christmas, especially since they can be roasted in many forms!
Of course, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas ham! The honey glaze and the warmth of a Christmas ham is so delicious, a Christmas spread of food wouldn’t be right without it.
Macaroni and cheese may sound childish, but if done right, it fits right in with all the other foods. All the different shapes of noodles with loads of different cheeses and topped with bread crumbs will put together the perfect meal!
Surprisingly, fruit cake is a popular dish during the Christmas season, yet many people despise it. The bright fruity colors of yellow, green, and red will either make your mouth water or become disgusted.
The sweet and minty feeling can only come from one thing, peppermint bark! It’s a fan favorite, delicious mix of mint and mocha.
Although Christmas food is a major part of many family holiday traditions, it’s not the food that matters.
At the end of the day, family/friends and/or religion is the most important part of Christmas or whatever you may celebrate during the holiday season!