Senior Spotlight: Arden Montjoy

Gracie Wilkerson, Editor In Chief

As the school year passes by, seniors are becoming more and more involved with their senior projects. In this Senior Spotlight, we look at apprentice Arden Montjoy’s senior project.
Montjoy works with Dr. Elise Littleton at the Integrity Animal Health Group in Simpsonville. There, she helps doctors and veterinarian techs with various tasks.
Her duties change with each day, but so far she has been able to help with vet appointments and watch the surgery teams. She often holds animals while the vet techs fill out patient charts, so she gets to hang out and play with them a lot!
Being at an animal hospital opens many opportunities for Montjoy to gain experience in a field of medicine, which will help her immensely when searching for a career.
Some skills she has learned that will help her in her future career are drawing up vaccines, waking patients from anesthesia, and running samples in a lab.
So far, Montjoy’s favorite part about her apprenticeship is being able to observe surgery.
“I just find it so interesting to watch and see the skills of the doctors that work at Integrity,” she says. “I also get to clean the surgical suite, which I find interesting and important as it prepares the suite for the next day of surgery.”
We wish Arden Montjoy all the best moving forward with her senior project!