Worst Christmas Gifts to Receive From a Loved One

These gifts are bad. Like, really bad.

Arden Montjoy, Features Editor

Christmas time is drawing near and with it comes the excitement of giving and receiving gifts. Or, alternatively, comes the dread of opening the presents your clueless relative has lovingly gifted you.
There are some things that are simply not to be gifted to those in your family, and we’re here to outline the most out of touch gifts one can receive from a loved one.
1. Used Gift card
I love gift cards as much as the next guy. They’re quick, convenient, and you can give them to that one person who is impossible to buy for. But it’s a special treat when the gift card you get only has 30 cents left. It’s called minimalism.
2. The thing you got them last year
Reduce, reuse, recycle is an important mantra to remember, but maybe don’t for Christmas? Also, the personalized mug you bought them is, crucial detail here, personalized. The reason you gave it as a gift was because you didn’t want it.
3. SURPRISE! We got you a snake!!!
Before you gift your relative an animal, you would probably want to have a discussion with them. Right? Maybe don’t hand out exotic animals with no mutual agreement. It’s not only best for you, but it’s best for the snake. Ssssssssssss
4. Your second copy of Die Hard
I will be the first to admit that yes, Die Hard is a classic and yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie. That does not mean, however, that it makes a good gift for your nephew who doesn’t talk to you and remains on his phone throughout the entirety of Christmas dinner. You know what, on second thought, that nephew deserves it. Yippee ki yay
5. Generic cologne/perfume you found on clearance
Perfume is a great neutral gift to give someone, but the unwanted scent is probably not the way to go. Cinnamon boysenberry was a good idea IN THE BOOKS ONLY!
6. Cash
Just kidding, this is a great gift to receive.
7. Romance novel from the grocery store
Why did grocery stores start having a book section? Either way, A Hometown Christmas Romance Miracle at Christmas in the Country is not going to be high class literature.
8. Video game for a console you do not own
9. Chapstick
While they are easy to lose, I don’t need another tube. I have 50 already. I only have one mouth and there is only so much Chapstick you can apply at once.
10. A signed portrait of the gift giver
While we all like to believe we are the star of our lives, other people may not care about your road to stardom. Though, I will say giving someone else a picture of yourself is the ultimate power move.
If you receive any less than perfect gifts this year, just know we are here to commiserate with you. Don’t worry! You have complete permission to buy yourself the gift you really wanted off Amazon. You’re worth it 🙂
Happy holidays <3