Odd 80s Movies


Lucy Smith

We all know and love the 80s. For many reasons such as the music, style, and especially the movies. While there are some amazing 80s movies such as Ferris Buller’s Day Off, Breakfast Club, etcetera, there are a few misfits. 


One of these said misfits is the Labyrinth. This movie makes no sense at all. First of all, why is David Bowie an owl and goblin king? Also, why couldn’t Sarah walk on top of the labyrinth’s walls? 


Not to mention how creepy this movie is. Like why were there growing eyeballs, hands catching Sarah, and the bog of eternal death? Also, that scene where Jareth and Sarah were dancing at the ball together made me very uncomfortable. 


Another misfit 80s movie is Poltergeist. It’s just very weird. I don’t remember much from this movie except Carol-Ann being sucked out of the other dimension she was in and the Mom screaming “follow the light.”  


There was a whole lot of fake-blood and 80s mumbo-jumbo in this movie. 


My last odd 80s movie is Lost Boys. Why were those two kids running the comic store the only ones suspecting that there were vampires, it was so obvious that there were vampires. I also don’t get why they made all the vampires the emo, goth teen.


This movie was so corny, there were moments where I was laughing out loud. 


Even though I criticize the movies, I still love them for their weird, oddball plots and details.