Childhood Foods We’ll Never Let Go Of


Madi Wilkerson, Reporter

Pretty much everyone can say, that as a child, there were foods that were the best. Many grown children still say that they look forward to these childhood foods.

A number one favorite for everyone was the dino nuggets. I mean, who didn’t play with those? These are still amazing, and everyone misses these, whether they admit it or not.

Another top favorite is mac and cheese. Yes, this is a food that everyone still eats and it’s even served at fancy restaurants, but the real one is Kraft mac and cheese. You can never go wrong with a box of mac and cheese.

Spaghetti-os were a food that most children loved, and they still do. Canned noodles are an easy go-to when you don’t want to cook a full meal.

Lunchables are a favorite. There was the classic cheese, crackers, and ham, but who didn’t love the pizza or the nachos. Out of any of the Lunchable varieties, many people today still eat these, even as just a snack.

Pizza Rolls and Bagel Bites were common childhood snacks that many kids had. It’s hard to go wrong with some toasted pizza snacks, whether cooked in the microwave or the oven.

Let’s not forget the famous animal crackers. My favorite thing to do when I was little was to get the little boxes of animal crackers at Walmart.

Instead of getting a usual cup of yogurt, why not grab some go-gurt. A childhood favorite was always a go-gurt, freezing it before putting it in my lunchbox, for it to thaw by lunchtime.

Goldfish, the classic, can never be passed up, no matter who you are. These little fish crackers, with many variations, are a go-to snack on any day of the week. I don’t know anyone who could possibly hate the snack that smiles back.

Apple juice, while not a food, is a sweet drink that every child drank and they still do. Many people here at GMC buy apple juice in the cafe. While a nice refreshment, this drink is viewed as a childhood drink but remains very tasty.

Last but not least, fruit snacks and fruit roll-ups, these candy-like snacks are largely found in a young kid’s lunchbox while also finding themselves in a grown child’s appetite.