Ukraine’s fate uncertain after Russia’s attack

Ukraines fate uncertain after Russias attack

Elijah Craft, News Editor

Recently on February 21, 2022, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin launched a devastating attack on Ukraine in an attempt to gain control over Ukraine. 

The war was expected to not go well for Ukraine, because of Russia’s far superior military; however, despite this, Russia has made significantly less progress than most people have expected. 

Russia is still heavily favored to win against Ukraine; however, Ukraine is proposing a strong interference. 

Millions of people have fled from Ukraine to neighboring countries in Europe to get away from Russia’s attack. 

Putin’s main reason for conquering Ukraine is to have Ukraine as a friendly allied state under Russia’s control. Russia’s action against Ukraine is most likely a result of Ukraine wishing to join NATO, and Russia being pressured by Ukraine and America’s actions. 

Russia felt surrounded by NATO and attacked to feel less threatened by NATO.

When Ukraine declared its independence from Russia, Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons in exchange for diplomatic relations with the West and protection guaranteed from the United States.

Despite this, President Putin’s warning that any country which “interferes” will face untold consequences has caused America to mostly stay out of the war against Ukraine; however, we have proposed sanctions on Russia. 

Russia has not talked about whether these sanctions classify as interfering with Putin’s “special military operation.” 

Russia’s invasion has moved past and put a lot of pressure on the rest of the world. Because of this, it is impossible to know exactly what will happen or if WW3 will occur. Ukraine could pull off a miracle and defend Russia on it’s own. Russia could take Ukraine and stop there, or Russia could see America’s actions as an interference and bomb America.