BLK Water and The Real Housewives Sued by Creative Thinkers

Caroline Furr, Reporter

Creative Thinkers, which is a Canadian design and marketing company, has sued both The Real Housewives and BLK water, along with several other franchises, for misappropriation of trademarks and breach of contract.
Their case is that there was an agreement between Wilkes and Creative thinkers to create BLK water, which is created to be healthier than other brands.
According to Erik Cummins, instead of working with Creative Thinkers, Wilkes stole the idea and marked it with the Manzo-Laurita family.
The Manzo-Laurita family allegedly used their fame from the TV show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, to sell a false story on the origins of BLK water.
Creative Thinkers is hoping for declaratory relief, the official settlement of a controversial subject which gives neither party any compensation.
The case is still pending in court, and there is no current estimation as to when it will be resolved.