Why The Science Department Needs More Funding


Madi Wilkerson, Reporter

Numerous students have had complaints regarding the science department’s chairs. Anyone you ask will say that the chairs are very uncomfortable and you can barely sit in them without falling out.

The chairs available in the science department were first purchased when the school moved from the portables into the building, so they are on the last of the list for updated furniture. Even though this logic may make sense, these chairs cause the most harm and make everyone the most uncomfortable.

A sophomore, Brady Barlow, said, “The chairs are extremely uncomfortable and they hard to stay in. People have to stand up and get comfortable again every so often. They are also basically broken most of the time and the backs are very very loud. The chairs suck and we need new ones.”

Brady also mentions that the chairs to him are the only thing that are needing to be updated in the science department, he believes that everything else in the classrooms is up-to-date and modern.

Another student, a junior, Kendra Wentzel had an experience in the chemistry classroom. She says that this has been the worst experience in the GMC’s science department. Kendra believes that if the science department got the funding needed, it should first go towards the new chairs because they are defective.

Here was Kendra’s experience: ” What was my exact experience in the science department that led me to believe that they need more funding? My personal experience was painful. I was sitting in Mrs. Teel’s room (Chemistry), sitting on one of the black barstools. We have complained about how unsafe these barstools are, but nothing has ever been done. The leg of the particular stool I was sitting on was bent inward causing the stool to be off-balance, but not really noticeable. We were taking notes, and my back was hurting so I started to lean to the side that was bent and the chair started tipping backward. In an attempt to stop me from colliding with the hard cement floor I tried to grab the table. My hands managed to hit the table causing me to fall backward faster. I fell to the floor with a loud thud and hit my head and tailbone on the floor. In embarrassment, I stood back up and grabbed the chair back to its feet. My head started pounding with a terrible headache and my back was hurting worse. I was very close to getting a mild concussion, I went to the doctor twice but I was okay, I had a constant headache for three days along with a backache. In conclusion, I believe that the science department needs more funding.”
In general, any student you ask will agree with the fact that the science department needs more funding for chairs to create a more comfortable and safer environment for the people here at Greer Middle College.