GMC Robot Friends


Mrs. Kirkland’s robot when it was working

Elijah Craft, News Editor

Recently, Greer Middle College has received two Promobots. These Promobots are the only Promobots currently in the US.


We originally bought one because Ms. Kirkland wanted to use it to help her students get a better understanding of Javascript in a fun way. 


However, a few days after the first Promobot arrived we began having difficulties connecting to the internet on the device. 


As a result, we ended up getting a second Promobot that Ms. Kirkland actually worked with in the past.


Once we got the Promobot, however, the device failed to turn on. We attempted to troubleshoot both robots in various ways, but nothing we have done has fixed the problem yet.


The problem may be associated with Russia’s recent actions against Ukraine, but we are hopeful that we will be able to get them running soon.