Teacher Feature- Coach Dentler


Emily Salvato, Reporter

Almost everyone knows Mrs. Dentler but, do you really know her and what she does for this school community?
Before she worked at GMC she worked at boarding school as a yearbook director, coached cross country (XC), and was the associate director of admission. After that she worked at Blue Ridge Christian Academy she taught middle school PE, the Bible, yearbook, advisor of computer applications, the athletic director, and the cross country coach.
Now she works as our math department assistant and the assistant XC coach.
Mrs. Denter or Coach Dentler has been a coach and substitute teacher at Greer Middle College and is SUPER pumped to finally be apart of the GMC staff and community.
Even though she doesn’t really have a classroom she wants her students to know that she cares and loves everyone and wants us all to reach our full potential.
Coach Dentler told me that every student needs someone to believe in them through the difficult things in life whether that’s sports, school, or their home life. She will be your #1 cheerleader.
Her coaching skills really pay off in the teaching community. Coach Dentler wants her students to know that if you have her she’s not going to make anything easier for you, because anything you do in life isn’t easy.
The little things in life don’t make you as proud as the moments that are challenging and require more work. Like cross country your proud of the PR’s and hard days of practice, instead of the stuff you barely did and the horrible outcome it came with.
Words of Wisdom – “Work smarter, not harder.”
Now that you know Coach Dentler don’t be afraid to go give her a big hey and hug. Let’s welcome her with the big GMC family spirit.