My Haunted Car Wash Experience


Ansa Thomas, Reporter

Whatta wash, car wash located at South 14. The Whatta wash manager contacted me, asking if I would like to work at their haunted car wash starting on the sixteenth of October, going to the thirty first of October. The car wash was twenty-five dollars per car. It went from six o’clock to eleven o’clock. Whatta Wash car wash gave half of the profit to The Pelham medical center across the street. When everyone got to work, we would get dressed and get makeup done. Then the cars would start to show. I would walk up to a car and stare. Most people freaked out, some cried, and I got a lot of weird compliments.
Even though everybody felt dead by the end, it was so encouraging to see how many cars came and how much fun they had. Every car was a new experience. I am not the most outgoing person or talkative. This was an excellent experience for me to get out of my shell and interact with people. Some of you may be wondering what we did with Covid precautions. As a mask was not apart of my costume, I did not wear one; however, many people wore a mask inside their car when interacting with me if they felt any concern. No one who worked at the car wash got corona! I was out front greeting people, and since I was a clown, and most everybody is scared of clowns, they kept their windows up! In the tunnel, the people there were all six feet apart most of the time. Safety is always the first priority. As a first paying job goes, it was one of the best experiences of my life; seeing people’s reactions (Mostly laughter) made my day. Everybody was so nice, and even though it looked like I wanted to kill them, they were amazingly sweet about it (Mostly). Next year you guys should go for a night of fun and laughter and maybe the occasional tear!