Welcome Mr. Fitzgerald


Miles Stoia, Reporter

David Fitzgerald (Mr. Fitz) is the new History, Freshman Success teacher, and the head JV basketball coach. He went to North Greenville University to study engineering and taught at Riverside and Wade Hampton High School.


Mr. Fitz came to GMC to be around people who wanted to learn and to be at a school that he is familiar with. If you go to Mr. Fitz’s classroom you will be relaxed, but he expects you work hard when it is time to work. Mr. Fitz says that he rolls his eyes at Immaturity and disrespectfulness.


When Mr. Fitz was a child, he did not want to be a teacher, he wanted to be a baseball player, then an engineer. For the last 5 years, he has wanted to be a teacher. When Mr. Fitz was in college for engineering, he realized that it was boring and repetitive, and he wanted to do something he enjoyed, and history is something he enjoys.


His favorite class in high school was “Gym and Mr. Gallion’s history class.” Mr. Fitz explains that he is looking forward to basketball and a possible gaming club. The trait Mr. Fitz is looking for in a teacher is “The ability to have students look forward to your class and have students enjoy learning the material rather than stressed out.” 


What drove Mr. Fitz to apply for GMC is the great students and the hope that the teachers can help him grow.