Scarowinds Review

Scarowinds Review

Mile Stoia, Journalist

Scarowinds is Carowinds but Halloween-themed, and it is a limited-time thing. It only happens through September and October. There are different “scare” areas throughout the park and each area has a scary attraction.

Liam Kemp was interviewed about his experience. Liam said that it was fun because not many people were there, but a little bit before he arrived there was a shooting, so the guards were more strict.

The top three scariest attractions are the Tooth Fairy, Paranormal, and Depths of darkness. The top three most fun rides are Fury 325, Afterburn, and Copperhead Strike.

The best time to go is “the day after a hurricane, cause no one is there, but if there is not a hurricane just go in September”.

 The least scary attraction, according to Liam, is the Slaughterhouse. The actors weren’t trying to be scary at all. Liam said it is worth going, but if you’re going, you need to go with friends because it makes the experience way better.