GMC Trunk-or-Treat Review


Emma Childs

The Greer Middle College Fall Festival Trunk or Treat was held last Thursday in the teacher’s parking lot. The trunk-or-treat was conducted by a group of high school students, specifically the GMC Beta Club.

This event had a fantastic turnout. Kids of all ages came to show off their costumes and collect free candy. Many GMC staff members and teachers brought their children to join the fun. There were several popular costumes within the group of trick-or-treaters: fairies, superheroes, Disney princesses, and Star Wars characters.

It was evident that all of the children enjoyed seeing the decorated trunks. Each trunk was decorated with unique detail and precision. There were many different themes such as Hawaiian, Western, Jurassic Park, and the Magic School Bus.

However, as expected, the kids loved the candy the most. Some of the trick-or-treaters were shy and would hesitate to grab a piece of candy. In contrast, there were enthusiastic kids who showed off their costumes and grabbed a large handful of candy. 

Overall, the GMC Trunk or Treat was a huge success. Many students reported that they loved seeing the kids’ reactions to the themed trunks.