The Forge?


Anna Chebowski, Section Editor

A form was sent out to GMC students with a few questions about their knowledge of The Forge, GMC’s only newspaper. 

The first question on the form was a yes or no question asking if people have heard of The Forge. Out of 33 votes, 28 have heard of the newspaper–which is 88% of the answers. 

The next question asked was how students had heard of the newspaper. Multiple choices were available, such as emails, announcements, other newspaper students, etc. With 12 votes, the answer with the most selections is emailing. Announcements and a newspaper member were tied with 6 votes each in second place.

We asked how many articles students have read from The Forge. The percentages were quite close for this question. In first place, “no” had 36% of the votes. Next up was “yes, a few” with 27% of the votes. 

The last question on the poll was if students would read any articles from The Forge in the future. With a little over half of the votes, “maybe” won with “yes” in second place. “No” was in last place with 15% of the votes. Overall, most of the students at GMC have at least heard of The Forge, but have not read any articles. A majority of these students say that they may read articles in the future, but it is unknown if they will end up reading The Forge.