What is the VA? Do You Get These Benefits?

What is the VA? Do You Get These Benefits?

Madi Wilkerson, Co-Managing Editor

First, what is the VA? Seeing the letter’s VA, no one will really know what it is, but it’s the Department 0f Veterans Affairs. Now you might ask, “what benefits do I get? I am not a veteran?” Well, this is what’s great about it, these benefits are given to you through a parent.

Many people do not know of the VA and the benefits available through it. I, first hand, know the benefits. My stepdad used to serve in the U.S. Navy, leaving him disabled, and he gets benefits from this department, and so do I.

An amazing benefit I got through this program is called Chapter 35 or the DEA (Dependents’ Educational Assistance), and there is a chance you can get it too. The VA offers educational benefits. This means that there is a tuition waiver for college, and they will retro-pay you for any other college expenses. Not only this, but if you stay in-state for college, you get to keep any leftover money given to you!

How do you know if you are eligible for these benefits? Well, the VA makes it easy to find out. Click here to read more. If you are eligible, you can begin pulling the benefit as soon as you turn 18. You do not have to be enrolled in college yet. While reading, you may come across something that says that your school must have someone to help you get these benefits. Luckily, our school, GMC, is already certified to help you with this (Mrs. McCraw).

The benefits help you cover the costs of College or graduate degree programs, career-training certificate courses, educational and career counseling, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training.

There are many more benefits available through the VA, and it’s up to you to find out if they are open to you as well!