GMC’s 2023 Prom Review


Anna Chebowski, Blazefeed Editor

As a senior at GMC, I had the opportunity to attend prom this year. While there was no specific theme listed on the invitation, the prom decorations and tickets resembled an enchanted forest. 

The DJ had an interesting way of mixing songs and song choices. While some popular songs were played, only a few were ones that people wanted to dance to. The crowd favorites were only played for about 20 seconds, which was frustrating. Screaming your heart out to “Dancing Queen” or “Party in the USA” and immediately having another song mixed in was annoying.

The shirts they gave out at the night’s end were my favorite part. The prom shirts are dark gray with “04.28.23” on the front. On the back, “The Night of Nights” is written with white stripes and a rose.

At the end of the night, seniors received a Spotify keychain as a gift. When scanned, Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” can be played. Personally, I was expecting a playlist of all of the songs played, so I was pretty disappointed. 

One feature of the prom was the photo booth. While I personally didn’t get any photos from it, I thought that it was neat. The photo setup was a mirror with lights, which was very smart. As a person who isn’t very photogenic, having a visual of what I look like is convenient. 

Overall, prom this year was satisfactory. While the music and decorations could have been better, it was entertaining.