My Winter Ball Experience


Emma Childs, Features Editor


On Saturday, January 28th, GMC held their 12th annual Winter Ball, and, overall, I’d say it was excellent. This was my first Winter ball, and I thought it was a great way to spend time with my friends for my last year as a GMC student. 


When I arrived at the Elk’s Lodge around 7:30PM, it was already packed full of excited GMC students ready to party, and the vibes were great. It was a blast to jump to songs, witness crowd surfing, and watch a dance circle. 


Unfortunately, due to the high attendance, the venue was extremely hot. Almost too hot to enjoy.  Thankfully, there were beverages provided for the students: Coke, Sprite, water, etc. The doors were propped open as well to help fend off the heat. 

When the Winter Ball was first announced as Aurora Borealis-themed, I was eager to see how the venue would be decorated. The decorations were, in my opinion, a bit mediocre. There were moving green, blue, and red lights projected onto the ceiling and walls, and the lights did resemble the colors of the Aurora Borealis; however, those were practically the only decorations at all. The lights made the venue feel more like a concert setting than a Northern Lights theme. 


My favorite part of Winter Ball was the photo area and ending song. The photo booth gave my friends and I an opportunity to get our picture taken together in front of a backdrop with a fancy camera. Those pictures will be a great way for me to remember a great night. 


The ending song, done at every dance with GMC, was the best. It was a great way to come together as a student body and have everyone included in a final dance.