The Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Ansa Thomas, Editor-in-Cheif

Spring is here, meaning it is time to dust off your shelves and clean out your closet. Here are five benefits of spring cleaning.


1. Sleep Benefits

Spending all day moving objects around and cleaning surfaces is an excellent workout to keep your heart healthy. Making your bed every day and washing your sheets is a perfect way to stay healthy and implement good habits. These two factors will help improve your environment for a better night’s rest.


2. Improves your Health

Cleaning behind the couch or bed, which you have not moved in years, is beneficial to your health. Dust, mold, and even rodents may be living behind your furniture  The cold you had during winter break may not have been from the weather but from the dust and mildew growing in your room.


3. Mindstate

They say the way your room looks is a reflection of your mind. If you are having difficulty focusing, dealing with more stress than usual, or are just in a funk, cleaning your space might solve your problem.


A clean space promotes a positive, go-getter mood. If you feel off, it may be time to open the blinds and clean up.


4. Letting Go

Spring cleaning is not just about ridding your life of dust. It is also an ideal opportunity to get rid of objects you no longer use or never needed, but it is also a great time to rid yourself of things from past relationships or from your past that no longer bring you joy. Spring is all about new beginnings, the blooming of flowers, and fresh air. This is the time to move on and grow from the past.


5. A Place to Start

You may not know where to start or what to clean, but that is alright. Start with something small, like a bookcase or a shoe closet. If a big task is daunting, break it down into smaller piles. Here is a wonderful article on where to start and what to deep clean.


Spring cleaning is hugely beneficial to your mental and physical health. It is one of the best places to start when feeling off or maybe just distracted. Grab the gloves; it is time to clean your space and improve your mind.


Information from Bon Secours