3v3 Basketball Tournament Review


Miles Stoia, Reporter

This month GMC held a 3v3 basketball tournament. Musa Muriithi, a junior and a starter on the varsity basketball team here at GMC hosted the tournament. 

To participate you had to pay a fee of $5, but it was only $1 to watch. However, there was a cash prize of $50 for the winner of the tournament. 

The rules of the tournament were first to 21, 10 minute time limit, make it take. Musa himself refereed the games. 

There were five teams who participated in the tournament and two of the teams consisted of upperclassmen and varsity basketball players, but there were three teams with freshmen. Two of the Freshmen teams got eliminated in the first round. The last freshmen team got wiped out by Top G Central. Then the two teams with a lot of varsity players faced each other in the finals. 

The winning team of the tournament was Top G Central with the team consisting of players, Jack Pfister, Jaxton Ternes and Luke Jennings. Thank you to all the teams that participated and to Musa for setting it up.