XC to NC: GMC Cross Country Gets Invited to Adidas XC Challenge


Liam Kemp, Sports Editor

GMC has made big moves in the Cross Country world by being invited to an Adidas-sponsored event in North Carolina. After winning back-to-back state champions, GMC has worked up quite a reputation as a powerhouse for Runners in the region and beyond. Coach Dentler, an important keystone of the overall success of the team, had a few comments about the situation when asked about it: “For the past two years, GMC has not only been the top 2A Cross Country team but ranked among the top teams across the state, including the 5A schools. Currently, the boys are ranked 5th and the girls are 2nd in the entire state (both are ranked 1st in 2A.) Our goal is no longer just to be a good 2A team, but to be recognized as a great cross country program recognized in the Southeast. Participating in the Adidas Challenge gives us a chance to race head to head with nationally-ranked teams. Our goal Saturday is the same as it always is: to be the best we can be. One thing is for certain, it will be an exciting learning experience!” Coach Dentler’s confidence in the team to win is the right attitude one must have in order to conquer such a great challenge because, without it, great success can never truly be achieved.
Congrats to these individuals who were invited to the meet:
Sophia Dipasqua
Elizabeth Markwell
Hattie Jenning
Catherine Taylor
Kelsey Smith
Bree Smith
Ellianna Garzony
Margo Norvell
Caroline Shoaf
Abigail Millls
Jake Dentler
Adam Trusty
Avery Biggerstaff
Danny Vera
Noah Connor
Lucas Pryor
Cian Brady
Sam Shoaf