Something I did this year that I am proud of…


Ansa Thomas, Opinions Editor

These last few years have been crazy, but in all of the problems and sickness, many good things have happened as well. Here are The GMC student’s most memorable/proud moments.

Emma Moore – I got into my top choice for college!

Carmen Waynick – Going on Your Carolina with my business partners for an internship!!

Gavin Conklin – Made a Bob Ross painting

Amber Altier – Completed my firefighting certifications!

Me Morris – I am passing chemistry!!

Sophie D – I am proud I was able to finish the year off strong!

Madi W – i got a boyfriend

Isaac Grilliot – My senior project. It was my first time welding and my first time really building anything, and I’m incredibly happy with how it turned out.

Adie Brown – I am proud of my grades; I have been keeping up with all my work, I have been studying, and I have been utilizing the resources our teachers and school have provided for us.

Brent Nestberg – I took a 10 minute cold shower – more than once actually (highly recommended)

Elle – pass spanish so far

Gary/ zary alana – I got a 81 on a test

Clarence Bowser – Make all A’s and one B

Thank you to all the people who responded to this form, and to the people who did not want their answers included, I am so happy for you and your accomplishments!