Overheard in the Hallway


The Forge Staff

Have you ever walked down the hallway and heard someone say something odd? Well, The Forge has collected some of the things that were heard.

“You have blubber, you shouldn’t be cold”…. “Your fat too” *both laugh*

“Yeah, I heard Mr. Dillard say, ‘give me $75, and I will release the kids’.”

“So yeah, it’s like when I was dating Channing Tatum.”

“And I said, ‘That’s too much [blankin’] mayonnaise.’”

“Okay, get it queen. Yahs!”

“I feel like I’m being extra aggressive this morning.” *yells* “NO GO AWAY.”

*barks like a dog*

“Penguins should be dead”


“You know, I actually really don’t care what she says… oh hey Emily.”

*runs up* “DO YOU WANT A PICKLE?!” *runs off*

“B-days are like getting punched in the face 15 times”

“He’s like, my mom’s husband-in-law or something.”


“Can I have one? I will not feed an addict. It’s Smarties. And?”

“Dude, your MOM just followed me on Instagram.”

“It’s like that time when I was five and my friend put his cat in the microwave and…” *laughter*

“I have a stop sign”

“Which twix is better? The left or the right?”… “definitely left, there’s more caramel.” 

“Playing Poker you lose money…Playing uno you lose friends” Friend “TRUE!!”

“They should widen the hallways!”