Fashion Trends that Should and Shouldn’t Come Back

Alex Fowler, Reporter

Over time, fashion has changed drastically. From acid washed jeans in the 80’s to oval glasses in the 90’s, here are 3 fashion trends that should and shouldn’t be brought back. 


Jelly Sandals- Jelly sandals have never been stylish let alone comfortable. All I’m going to say is whoever made plastic shoes…… just why. These shoes should never make a comeback and if they did, I would riot. Did I forget to mention the number of blisters you get wearing these… It’s straight up awful.  



Leather Jackets- I mean what else do I need to say. The instant you put a leather jacket on, you instantly get 10 times more attractive. A leather jacket is a great way to spice up your outfit. Not to mention how people might mistake you for the leader of a biker gang…. but who wouldn’t want that?


Dresses over jeans- At the time this trend was absolutely perfect. This combo could be seen by celebrities all over the red carpet, but nowadays, you can’t tell me anyone could possibly pull off this obscured combination of a dress and jeans.