Top 5 Cryptids


Kassidy Eubanks

For all of history, mankind has encountered strange phenomena that would be passed down through generations in the forms of stories and urban legends. Mysteries regarding the natural world are often at the center of these legends. Legends of creatures such as the Kraken, dragons, and sirens, as well as many others, have circulated the world for centuries. Though many of these mythical creatures have long since been disregarded by the general public or disputed by science, the modern world has its own fair share of intriguing, unexplained creatures. These creatures are referred to as cryptids. In this article, I count down the top 5 (subjectively) best cryptids.
5. Loch Ness Monster
Fondly referred to as Nessie, the Loch Ness monster is a classic cryptid beloved by many. This cryptid, typically described as an aquatic dinosaur-like creature, makes its home in the Loch Ness of Scotland. Though sightings of the Loch Ness monster have been attributed to eels, logs, and various aquatic life, Nessie enthusiasts cling to the belief that there is something strange making its home in the depths of the loch. In terms of believability, scientific evidence makes Nessie’s existence only a slim likelihood. Nevertheless, the Loch Ness monster is widely known and loved, earning its place on this list.
4. Jersey Devil
For about 300 years, rumors of the Jersey Devil have circulated in New Jersey. Locals claim that the creature roams the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, horrifying those who catch a glimpse of the creature. Legend has it that the Jersey Devil came into existence after a woman cursed her unborn baby. After its delivery, the infant transformed into what would today be known as the Jersey Devil before making its escape into the night. Sightings of the Jersey Devil go back to the 18th and 19th centuries and continue to this day.
3. Bigfoot
Bigfoot is perhaps the first creature that comes to mind upon hearing the word “cryptid”. Also called Sasquatch, the mysterious ape-like cryptid appears in a variety of cultures under different names. The mountains in North America’s Western regions serve as home to Bigfoot, though the creature has been sighted all over North America, especially in the Northwest. Bigfoot has been around for centuries, with sightings dating back to the late 1800s. It would seem that if a giant ape creature were roaming North America’s forests, it would have already been found – especially considering that there would have to be more than one for the species to survive all the way from the first sightings to the modern day. Or Bigfoot might be immortal and exceptionally elusive. Either way, you never really know what’s out there.
2. Fresno Nightcrawlers
Southern California is home to a particularly strange breed of cryptid. Fresno Nightcrawlers have captured the public’s interest in recent years. These cryptids were first spotted on a security camera in 2007. Speculations about the identity of Fresno Nightcrawlers range from primates to aliens, but no real explanation has been found regarding the strange creatures. I’m a big fan of the concept of spooky pants walking around in the dead of night, so Fresno Nightcrawlers have rightly earned their place on this list.
1. Mothman
Located in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, Mothman was first spotted in 1966 by two couples driving past an abandoned power plant. The creature, around six to seven feet tall and with glowing red eyes, emerged from the power plant and began to glide after the car at an incredible speed. Since this initial encounter, Mothman has been sighted countless times. In recent years, Mothman has become more popular among cryptid enthusiasts. Mothman sightings have been speculated to in fact be large owls. Nevertheless, the legend of Mothman has drawn tourists to the town of Point Pleasant in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the mysterious creature. If not, they could settle for a Mothman-themed pastry or a visit to the annual Mothman festival.