Opinion: Open four days a week?

Ansa Thomas, Reporter

[Let’s be honest.] When students are home, they are not as motivated. They could look up the answers for the next test or skip class. Cheating and being a bad student are made easy because of these circumstances. Why didn’t you come to class? Why can’t you turn on your camera? Students can easily lie on questions like these.
Being online is not easy, especially for some of our teachers. Unfortunately, [many of them] just don’t know how to work [the] technology. Some of them are just dropping assignments haphazardly because they don’t know how to get school platforms to work. No two people are the same[;] all teachers are different and have different rules[,] and it would be easier if all students and staff could come back to school [in person] and begin to teach efficiently again.
Many teachers have different expectations and it is hard to keep up with. [“]Yes, I want you to come to class.[“] [“]No, you don’t have to come.[“] It is hard to keep track. I am not saying this not to get any teachers down, but to show the school that being open four days a week is a good thing; we can all be together and be as safe as possible.
When we are at school, we are working together. We are a team going from class to class, not to mention moving every hour and a half at school is better than just sitting at home. For seniors, this is their last year, and they will not be able to see each other; some are going to move away. These days are the days of our lives- the ones that we are going to remember the most. These are the times that we will never forget. Not being able to laugh in class, do high fives, hug each other, and comfort one another during hard times just makes it so much worse.
I am aware that online learning is a good thing. As I was homeschooled for seven years, I understand how it works and its effectiveness. I see why we need to stay at home. When we are at home, we are doing our part. I see why students and teachers prefer online or hybrid learning, but I was raised to believe that people were meant to be together and not spread apart, so whatever you choose, at home or school, you are not wrong your opinion is yours.
However, I appeal to [everyone, please do what it takes so] that we can come back to our home away from home. We do not have long together, so make this time count. Let us be together. We will take the safety precautions willingly if we can just be together during this time. Thank you.