Top 10 Cheeses

Alex Fowler, Sports Editor

Cheese. Who doesn’t love it? It’s such a simple food that packs loads of flavor. From cheddar to mozzarella, I just can’t get enough of it. For my lactose intolerant folks out there, my heart goes out to you. In the world of cheese, here are my top 10 best cheese picks. 


  • Mozzarella 

Commonly used on pizza, Mozzarella cheese is pulled and kneaded into delicious thin strands which makes this universal cheese my top pick. 


  • Cheddar 

This popular cheese comes in many variations. From creamy to sharp, cheddar is a simple choice for many people.


  • Feta

While traditionally made with sheep’s or goat’s milk, cow’s milk also can be used to make Feta. It’s tangy and crumbly and perfect on salads. 


  • Pepper Jack

 Flavored with peppers, vegetables and spices to give it a kick, Pepper jack is perfect for those who love cheese with a little extra flavor in it


  • Provolone

This semi-hard cheese is pale yellow to white and has a sweetish taste. It can come in smoked and unsmoked varieties, and is a staple for many different classic sandwiches.


  • Monterey Jack 

With a perfect mild and buttery flavor with a bit of tang, Monterey Jack is the perfect cheese for classic burgers


  • Colby jack 

This orange and white cheese is a combination of orange Colby cheese and white Monterey Jack cheese. Made for those who like a bit of both flavors.


  • Cotija 

This hard, crumbly cheese begins as mild and salty, and becomes tangier as it ages. Great for soups, tacos, tostadas and much more. 


  • Swiss 

Being one of the most generic cheeses, It’s recognized by its holes and light or pale yellow color. It pairs well with fruits, vegetables, and on sandwiches.  


  •  Parmesan 

While it has a hard, gritty texture and tastes fruity and nutty. It can be grated over pastas, used in soups and more.