Top 10 Party on the Patio Outfits


Madi Wilkerson, Co-Managing Editor

If you are going to the party on the patio and don’t know what to wear, you are in the right place. Listed below are the top ten under-the-sea outfits. 

Starting off, we have a shark onesie. You can find these at most Halloween costume stores and lucky for you, Spirit Halloween has opened in some select locations to find these.

Another option to wear is a handmade tulle tutu! Whatever colors you choose could work as long as it goes along with the theme of under the sea. Some recommendations for colors would be teal, pink, blue, and purple. These can be found at Hobby Lobby.

If you have a pair of fishnets, you could throw those on to spice up the outfit and relates to under the sea really well. You can find some fishnet gloves at Party City, Walmart, and sometimes even Target.

Even though not under the sea, you can wear a pirate hat or eye patch to the party on the patio. Along with this, you can throw on a pirate outfit too if you want to get the whole look.

Seashells are a great way to go with this. Either a hairclip or a necklace, whichever way you decide to decorate yourself with shells, will show the under-the-sea theme.

If you are looking for another onesie option, you can look into a lobster or any other sea life onesie. These can be ordered online or found at Halloween stores. 

Are you looking for a more fun option? You can wear a seashell or coconut bra, over a shirt. You can wear this with a grass skirt or with some plain bottoms, whatever you feel would be the best fit for this costume. Please wear a shirt underneath the seashell or coconut bra.

Mermaid print is an obvious choice for the under-the-sea party. You can get some leggings, shirts, and plenty of other options available when it comes to mermaid print. 

Scuba goggles are always found under the sea. If you have any goggles laying around your house, go ahead and toss those on with your outfit to fit in with the crowd. 

Do you have a spare ariel costume? If so, you should wear that to the under-the-sea party on the patio. Not quite a mermaid print, but a more specific mermaid. A red wig would come in handy for this costume.