Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Dish


Harper Tonnesen, Reporter

By far, the most popular Thanksgiving side dish is mashed potatoes. Most students at GMC said that they have potatoes each year at Thanksgiving, or they know families who do. 

Americans consume around 250 million pounds of potatoes and buy 3.7 million dollars worth of deli mashed potatoes during Thanksgiving time. 

Potatoes in general also rank the highest among all the states! Whether it is sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, or just plain baked. Mashed potatoes are so liked that the Potato Blossom Festival in Maine, Potato Day in South Dakota, and the Potato Days festival in Minnesota all have mashed potato wrestling matches as part of the activities 

Running a very close second to mashed potatoes is stuffing. Stuffing is not eaten too much outside of Thanksgiving time, but when it is, Americans spend 96 million dollars on it. Though it is in the top 10 in the most popular category, students here at GMC say stuffing is not their favorite out of all the side dishes. 

In third place is macaroni and cheese. According to statistics, 8.95 million Americans consumed 5 packages or more in 2020.