Avatar: Way of the Water 4D Review


Miles Stoia, Reporter


Is Avatar: Way of the Water worth it in 4Dx? The price for an adult is around $23 and there are very few theaters that have 4Dx available. 

You might be asking yourself what the difference is between 3D and 4Dx. Both experiences give you 3D glasses, but there are a lot more differences. One of the main differences between 3D and 4Dx is that you are in a special chair that is on a platform that has 2 other chairs on it. The chair is very comfortable and the platform moves along with the movie; since there are a lot of scenes with water the chair moves along with the current of the water.

There are also scents that are released to give you a feel of what the environment smells like and you are also blasted with water and wind when the characters are going fast or get splashed.

There is also a system that gives you a little kick to your back when someone is hit with an arrow or shot in the back but it doesn’t hurt at all. When there is gunfire or an arrow fired, you feel a quick strong blast of air behind you. 

All of these things really enhance the movie, keep you engaged, and entertained throughout the entire 3-hour movie.

New Aliens

Even if you can’t afford or make the trip to see the movie in 4Dx it is still a really good movie with an amazing storyline. A big theme in the movie is the difference between the different Na’vi people because there is the forest Na’vi that we are used to seeing, but now there are water Na’vi that are made for swimming. 

There are more amazing alien creatures like a rock-armored shark and a whale with the mouth of a demogorgon from Stranger Things called tulkun. 

The tulkun are very valuable to the water Na’vi because they are like brothers and sisters to them. The tulkuns are as intelligent if not more than humans. Humans hunted the tulkuns because of the brain enzymes that they could use to stop aging in humans. 

The Story

The story is very interesting, so we start in the forest with all the Na’vi happy and then the humans come back. The main antagonist Miles Quaritch is back from the first movie as a Na’vi. 

Some of the kids from Jake Sully’s clan go exploring and find the bunker and run into Miles and his team. Then Jake Sully goes to save them and he is successful but one of the kids was captured by Miles. 

Jake decides to leave to keep his family safe, so they travel to the ocean clan. They learn their ways. Miles gets on a boat to find Jake and they hunt tulkun to draw out Jake.

Miles was successful when Jake goes to help his kids because Miles captured his kids again when they were trying to save a tulkun. 

An epic fight ensues and long story short, one of Jake’s kids dies but they end up winning the fight. The movie ends with Jake and his family being accepted into the ocean clan.