GMC’s Best Valentine’s Gifts

Harper Tonnesen, Reporter

We asked GMC students what their favorite Valentine’s gift to give and/or receive is. 

Overall, Valentine’s Day cards are the most popular to give. Over 52% of consumers buy cards for a loved one on Valentine’s day. Second to cards, chocolates are very popular and are a staple for Valentine’s Day. 

Taking a turn on these classic gifts, flowers are GMC students’ favorite Valentine’s gift! Students that were asked said that they prefer flowers over chocolates and cards because they feel more personal and they are not gifted as often as cards and chocolates. 

A close second to flowers is teddy bears or any kind of stuffed animal. 

Fuzzy bears or other animals are very much enjoyed by students at GMC. Whether they are coming from a significant other or a friend, stuffed animals are easy and last for a long time. 

Last on the list is Valentine-themed food. Although it is not everyone’s favorite, Valentine’s cookies, cupcakes and brownies were mentioned more often than other things.