Raccoon Background Lore


Miles Stoia, Reporter

The Raccoon is loved by Mr. Lowman and all of his students, but who is the Raccoon? Why is he here, and most importantly, where is he going on those long walks? 

The Raccoon is a mysterious creature that brings us joy and underrated music. The Raccoon is part of a science experiment that went wrong in South Carolina. The Raccoon is a mix of a raccoon and a human. No one knows the human DNA used, not even the scientists that made the Raccoon. The Raccoon had enough of the experiments and went crazy, escaped his cage, and went on a rampage until he found the Beats headphones of an unlucky victim. He put the headphones on and found calm music that cured his anger.

The Raccoon always has to be listening to chill hip-hop, or he will go on another rampage.

The Raccoon was accepted into a family. The Raccoon then learned how to be in the human world. He learned to speak, read, write, do math, and more. He was very smart, with an IQ of over 170. 

The lab that created him found him and took him back to the lab, but the family taking care of him figured out what happened. They were heartbroken. They started an uprising on social media to get the Raccoon back, and it worked. 

The Raccoon ever since has been taking long walks to see the outdoors because he has been stuck inside all of his early life. He also has been studying to get into a good college. 

The Raccoon has also started his YouTube channel called Chill Hip-Hop music to give exposure to lesser-known artists.

Link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/@ChillhopMusic