Spring Break 2023


Madi Wilkerson, Co-Managing Editor

Here is what your classmates did for Spring Break 2023:

Maddie Thivierge: “I went to Charles Towne Landing.”









Phillip Hyman: “I went on a cruise and then Disney World”

Briasia Fowler: “Well the start of my spring break was busy, first I had to go to work that day then went to a birthday party. At about 6 am me and my aunt, uncle, cousin, and little cousins went to Florida. The next day we headed to lego land which was so fun and when we got back home I just straightened things up in my room and washed clothes for school.”

Brady Barlow: “This year for spring break my family and I went to Australia. We went to see family, travel across the country, and eat tons of food (which we definitely accomplished). We were also able to spend a lot of time on the coast where we went swimming in rock pools and visited an animal rehabilitation center that was filled with tons of Australian animals including: kangaroos, koalas, wombats, countless different types of birds, and tons of other unique animals. Overall the trip was amazing and it was great to see our family since we hadn’t been in 8 years.”

Andrew Keifer: “New York City and Washington DC.”

Abigail Hawthorn: “I went to Saint Augustine, Florida with my family. ”